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What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent for Home Sellers

Choosing a real estate agent to sell your home is a process that should not be taken lightly. If you are getting ready to sell, you want to be sure the agent you choose is an expert in home sales. After all, you are entrusting this person to get the best price for your home within the time frame you need. The following guidelines can help you find the best agent that has the qualities you need as a home seller.

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate agent to sell your home shouldn’t be a hard decision. But it will require some effort to find the best realtor for you. Why? Because you want to be selective about the person you entrust with such an important life decision. Here are a number of ways to ensure that you end up with the best candidate:

  1. Get recommendations from people you know. Go to meet and greet events. Ask friends and people you trust who they used to sell their property. Get more than one referral. You’ll want to make sure that you have two or three to choose from to find a good fit for you.
  2. Take note of who has the most real estate signs in your area.
  3. Consider the person who sold you your current house if you still have a relationship with them. Keep in mind, though, that a realtor who helped you buy a home may not be as skilled at selling your home.
  4. Meet with two or three agents personally. Consider how the agent makes you feel. Your experience should be one you enjoy.
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Questions to Ask before Choosing

Once you gather several candidates, you will want to begin an interview process. The right real estate agent will welcome the opportunity to showcase their talents. They will possess the confidence necessary to sell your home. Start with a phone interview that includes the following questions, plus any more you find relevant.

  1. How many homes did you sell last year?
  2. What is your list price to sales ratio over the last 60 days?
  3. Can you give me a list of your last ten clients plus their contact information?
  4. What percentage of last year’s home sales did you represent the buyer vs. the seller?
  5. What is the average number of days on the market over the past 90 days?
  6. How many homes were sold in my area over the last 12 months (absorption rate)?
  7. Do you do any other work in addition to real estate?
  8. How do you plan on marketing the home properly so you get the most qualified buyers to make the best offer?

Your Real Estate Agent Should Focus on YOUR Needs as a Seller

During the interview process, a good realtor will ask you a lot of questions about what is important to you in selling your home. They will show a vested interest in your reasons for moving. Your agent will also want to know what your motivation is for selling your home. A good real estate agent will ask many questions in order to be prepared when they sit down to discuss the sale of your home. When your potential real estate agent delivers their information packet, it should be focused on your needs as a seller rather than focusing on the agent and their company. It should include information such as market analysis, sales range, and your potential earnings. The real estate agent should be dressed professionally, be on time, and show a sincere interest in you and your property. It is also important that they can be objective when looking at your property. They should have the confidence to guide you to make sure your home is in its best possible condition to sell. Also, your agent should coach you in the proper way to get the best price for your home. They will understand how to handle multiple offers, when to wait on an offer, or how to get more than the appraised value for your home in a sellers’ market.

Tucson’s Best Real Estate Agent for You

At Hoffman Homes Tucson, we care. We focus on your needs as a seller. You and your highest satisfaction are our priority. We are here to help you get the highest price in the most reasonable amount of time with the least amount of hassle.

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